Have no fear, the Fonz is here. At a flea market I picked up the "Fonzie A Cool Coloring Book" and it is pretty cool. Unfortunately there aren't that many Fonz pictures. Most of the book is lame jokes and whatnot that has nothing to do with the Fonz or Happy Days. Also the previous owner had colouring a bunch of the good pictures and they didn't do a very good job of it either. So a bunch of classic Fonz pictures are coloured up and unsalvagable. There is one of the Fonz with his motorbike and another one of the Fonz wearing a t-shirt that says "Up with the Fonz". Good stuff indeed. Maybe one day I'll come across the Fonzie Cool Coloring Book minus the colouring. Aaayyyy.
Here are the pictures, just click on the link to see the picture you want. Once the picture has downloaded, right mouse button click on it to save it or print it out. The number follwing the picture description is the size of the file. K is kilobytes and 21K is 21,000 bytes, but don't worry the pictures are all pretty small.


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