Here are the pictures, just click on the link to see the picture you want. Once the picture has downloaded, right mouse button click on it to save it or print it out. The number follwing the picture description is the size of the file. K is kilobytes and 21K is 21,000 bytes, but don't worry the pictures are all pretty small.

Okay here you can make an E.T. mobile. Download all the follow pages and print out and follow the instructions. Only one side will have a picture on it, so here are a couple ideas to fill the other side. You could colour the empty side all one colour or draw your own pictures and shapes on their. The best idea would be to trace the picture from the opposite side, so that way the same picture is on both sides. Do what you want.

Here is an E.T. maze. You have to help E.T. and Elliot through the maze to the end.

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